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Lunar Wick Candle Co.

Nightcap Candle

Nightcap Candle

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"Nightcap" is a sensory journey that captures the essence of fall evenings, where conversations flowed like the spiced honey and laughter filled the air. As the sun sets and the world settles into a tranquil hush, this fragrance brings to life the cozy gatherings by the fire. The blend of spiced honey, tonka, and tobacco leaves envelopes you in a comforting embrace, reminiscent of cherished moments with loved ones. With each inhale, you'll find yourself wrapped in the gentle embrace of amber and the smoky allure of oud. "Nightcap" is my way of inviting you to savor the joy of togetherness, the warmth of shared stories, and the magic that only autumn nights can bring.

Scent Profile:

  • Spiced Honey / A dollop of sweetness with a hint of warmth
  • Tonka / A dash of cozy and creamy richness
  • Tobacco Leaves / A pinch of smoky sophistication
  • Oud / A touch of exotic allure and depth
  • Smoke / A whisper of the crackling fire's embrace
  • Dark Musk / A sprinkle of mystery and allure
  • Amber / A drizzle of warmth and nostalgia
  • Coriander / A hint of spice and complexity
  • Bergamot / A zest of uplifting citrus

8 oz. Matte Autumn Red Glass Vessel with a seamless metal lid / 60+ Hour Burn Time

100% Soy Wax / Non-Toxic / Essential Oil Infused / Clean Ingredients

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