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Lunar Wick Candle Co.

Autumn Foliage Candle

Autumn Foliage Candle

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As the days begin to transition and the first hints of fall color the world, "Autumn Foliage" takes me back to the magic of my childhood. It's the scent of apple trees in my nana's backyard, where each step was cushioned by fallen leaves. The blend of apple, green leaves, clove, and hints of spices captures the essence of those early autumn moments, as nature painted the world in warm golds and oranges. With each inhale, I'm transported to that quaint town of Sebastopol, where I strolled beneath the apple trees, embracing the promise of cozy days and cherished memories. "Autumn Foliage" is a reminder that the beauty of fall lies not just in the changing leaves, but in the stories and connections it weaves into our hearts.

Scent Profile:

    • Apple / A crisp and juicy burst of orchard-fresh sweetness
    • Green Leaves /Β The earthy aroma of leaves freshly fallen from the trees
    • Clove / A warm and aromatic spice that adds depth to the blend
    • Vanilla / A soothing touch of creamy sweetness that enhances the fragrance
    • Orange Peel / A zesty and invigorating note that brightens the blend
    • Cinnamon / A comforting spice that brings a touch of coziness
    • Nutmeg / A warm and slightly nutty essence that evokes fall baking
    • Citrus / A burst of uplifting and tangy freshness that balances the blend

8 oz. Matte Autumn Red Glass Vessel with a seamless metal lid / 60+ Hour Burn Time

100% Soy Wax / Non-Toxic / Essential Oil Infused / Clean Ingredients

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